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Digital storytelling means most basic core is the practice of using computer-based tools to tell stories. There are a wealth of other terms used to describe this practice, such as digital documentaries, computer-based narratives, digital essays, electronic memoirs, interactive storytelling, etc.; but in general, they all revolve around the idea of combining the art of telling stories with a variety of multimedia, including graphics, GIFs, audio, video, and Web publishing.

From my point of view,Telling our story is an essential part of our humanness. It allows us to feel part of the global community that knows our story, and it fosters empathy for those that surround us. It doesn’t matter where you live, we are connected by digitally. Digital storytelling creates space for students to pursue topics about which they are passionate, grows their learning around assigned topics, and showcases their learning for peers, teachers, and audiences beyond the schoolhouse, all of whom are able to interact with the storyteller.  First of all, I have learned confidence from this class because professor, Ryan Seslow made this class easy and more interesting by providing necessary  instructions and inspiration. As I learned from the CT101 class:

  • How to make blog post, comments,and replies in the digital area.
  • How to make Animated Graffiti using different websites ( Imgur,
  • How to do Hyperlink.
  • Week 7 through 8 was very important to choice our web domain, create own website, and completed basic operations of our site. Again, my own web site address is
  • How to do GIF  Portrait project.


Be honest not all the time that  I understood the professor’s instructions. He told us to google the particular issue and solve it that whatever you like best.However, My website ( is  very straight forward. I have used word press. Website logo quote is ” Keep calm and drive on,….Dream Digital.”

Under my Website, there are five portfolio options which I remarked as About, Say Hi, Digital storytelling, Fun and Learn, Awareness Post, and Link for CT101 Post. All these categories are visible in the opening page. I have published 11  blog posts  in my own website under the categories Fun and Learn(5), Digital Storytelling(4), and Awareness post(3). In the Link for CT101 Post category I have provided another 12 blog posts link which I have already  posted directly CT101 site. In the bottom line, my future plan is be a web developer. Again CT101 Class is one of the creative class that I’ve taken at York.  I will definitely going to keep my website. I think this is just beginning. I am really grateful that I was part of CT101.


Why Do We Like Game?

Inspirational GIFS……….

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Colorful Wedding!!!!!!!!!!!

Unbelievable Things Around the World that are Hard to Believe…..

some of the most amazing designs I could find on the web that mimic nature closely: man-made, but  defined by their allegiance to nature. Yes, these buildings are not natural, but they assimilate it. Balcony forests, water distillers and a view that always changes with seasons. Agora Tower in Taiwan is one of the beautiful building in the world.

Many places in the world but we don’t know about most beautiful places like as Fields of Tea in China, so amazing place, everywhere you can see many tea area.

There’s no where else in the world that is covered in bright pink, other than this park. The wonder of nature of pink moss. although there is few color of it but the pink rules the hills. a spectacular view.

We are always hearing stories of dogs doing amazing things for their owners. But here is different, dog try to save fish’s life. I don’t know what do you feel this GIF dog clip. Most of the cases dog is faithful animal for his owner. In this regard, there aren’t any relation between them. So, how does he learn? Answer probably is unknown.  We should learn from nature, animal, and the incidences that are happening around us.

How I made slideshow GIF…..

GIF means unlimited fun!! Giphy is home to one of the internet’s biggest GIF collections (more on that a little further below), but it also has some brilliant GIF making tools. The first of which, GIF Maker, enables you to create GIFs directly from video files or YouTube links.

Giphy is home to one of the internet’s biggest GIF collections (more on that a little further below), but it also has some brilliant GIF making tools. The first of which, GIF Maker, enables you to create GIFs directly from video files or YouTube links. To use GIF Maker, simply paste a video URL or upload a video file, and you’ll then be able to create a GIF and edit it within Giphy’s simple-to-use interface. With GIF Maker, you can choose the point in the video from which you’d like the GIF to start, choose the duration, and add a caption.


For the GIF Slide show I use first of all I download five pictures for one slide show. Then I drag these pictures one by one on the box( drag or drop still images). Once you’re happy with the way your GIF feels, click ‘Create GIF’ and it’ll be added to Giphy ready to share across any social network.

Easy way to remember: Downloaded the pictures—–>Go to—–>Click on Create option—->Click on slideshow—-> drop or drag downloaded pictures—–>Click  Create GIF…….Then you have  done.


Inspirational GIFS……….

Inspiration is everywhere around us. This inspiration is something which drives us to improve. We always seek inspiration from others. We look for inspiration in movies, books, articles, or quotes. Here I got inspiration from some GIFs .

For example, when you spend few minutes to see some inspirational video, make sure you compensate for that by putting in hours of great work. Seeing an inspirational work assures us that we, too, can achieve greatness.

It’s easy to fall into this temptation and seek inspiration all the time, and not take any real action.

Intense hard work along with great skills shall help you win one success after another. For me creative work, or inspirational speech work a lot.

People may be willing to express their needs but they don’t usually verbalize what they truly value. It’s the web creative  activities  to learn about the needs and use them to realize the values. These Human Values are transformed into the  web/digital Values with which the design is guided. This is so much inspiring for me that I learn from Digital story telling class.


It’s Study Time, don’t sleep.

Studying for exams is a dull and boring thing to do but you have to do it any how or else its consequences are far worse. semester final is knocking at door. Presentation, final paper, blog post, and the class test are due!!!

still, I am a lazy!! I have to do lots of things. Any suggestion?? I mean suggestion for exam!! otherwise what else i need to do.

I think it’s happens to almost all students. may be not.  Basically when you are studying in your best comfort zone then it actually happens (sleep).

Finally, I got some solutions. Try some different techniques to study.
Try going for listening music and then studying. Setting up a target will help you build some tension around you think about positive consequences in the exam.

All the very best and don’t sleep. It is time for study…..

Digital talk in the class…!!

There are so many options out there that allow you to build a quick website. However, it’s important to remember that just because you can easily create a website, it doesn’t mean that it is a good website. More people will potentially see your website than your physical location. A well-designed site will add more credibility for your personal achievement. We are almost to the end of the semester. In the CT-101 class, I learned and  enjoyed the class. especially Professor Seslow’s help and inspiration. His direction and lecture made work easier. I know hard work on the way and we have to go far way.

Thank you so much Professor Seslow to build our basic.

In recent years, the web has been getting more and more ingrained in our daily lives. We use it for everything, from shopping, to banking, to reading our news. The demand for web development talent is as high as ever, and the scope of what developers could be huge.

There are obviously a lot of web development trends that will be witnessed in 2017 and beyond. If you are in development , you need to keep your eyes wide open . For now, we just have to wait and change as changes come. we just started, and have to walk long way.


Why People Don’t Want to Talk about sick and Death !!

Most probably We all don’t want to talk about death and sick. It makes sense that Americans don’t want to talk about death.  We are a “Agoraphobic” society and look at death as something separate from our lives that we want to keep at bay, as far away from us as possible.  people are so busy to talk about this.

Recently, I was with a patient in a hospital over night. He got cancer with severe pain. I have seen his scary face and his desire. He was feeling/acting like just before die.   Even here in hospital, every one get rid from their worst situation. people coming and going. patient are on the bed. I thought they need some additional support. when their relatives visit them, they get into live, and smiling. smiling could be here million dollar question. for only their psychological support we need to do some thing.

we know, death is bound and compulsory for all. but we could to give more time than usual. 

Lead with your heart keep your love flowing with the dying person and others as well  if possible. Nothing is more important than loving each other. Do your best and then some.

Spring Time in the USA.

The arrival of spring inspires us to break out from winter’s hibernation and embrace the fresh outdoors.

I Have been to New York and Central Park several times, I honestly can say that the city is best enjoyed in the Spring, just before the heat waves of summer. The Park is alive with nature. Blooms and foliage abound, a lovely juxtaposition to the cold steel and glass buildings of Manhattan. I have opportunity to visit central park last spring break. It was really awesome.  

People who spend more time outside in the springtime feel better, smarter, and more open-minded found in a research. 

Driving in the spring time is could be one of best experienced. I love to drive around here and there during spring.No matter what route you travel and no matter how many detours you take, spring into action this season by road-tripping make you happy.  Hope, you have a great spring time. 

Babies are part of our happiness!!

You’ve probably already noticed that nobody has the ability to cheer up quite like the gorgeous baby in your life. one look into his beautiful eyes, one flash of the gummy smile, and your problems disappear. It doesn’t matter what it is that’s stressing you out, your baby can giggle all of problems away with minimal effort.

I think babies have own intelligence capacity to impress his parents and others. Babies are arguably the most innocent people on the planet. They might keep you awake all night, spray you with vomit but don’t  go crazy. They’re totally and completely dependent on you and, as such, are totally innocent. You just can’t stay mad at that adorable little face.sometimes they’re selfish!! sometimes they copy from elder. They’re helpless.

They’re terrible laborers. Babies are adorable, tend to cry a lot, and have little control over their bodily functions. But science says there’s much more to do bearing emotions and intelligence in them. 


We Shouldn’t Ignore to Talk About Climate Change.

Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. Glaciers have shrunk, ice on rivers and lakes is breaking up earlier, plant and animal ranges have shifted and trees are flowering sooner. I have recently visited Bangladesh (Bangladesh is the one of worst victim country in the world that is directly effected by climate change) and seen how changed/ destroyed costal area last 6 years. Natural disaster like flood, cyclone, water born diseases, losses of land are very common there. People are fighting with nature and danger.

Arctic likely to become ice-free and animal like polar bear will face endanger.

Hurricanes will become stronger and more intense.Changes in precipitation patterns and flood comes frequently. Sea level will rise 1-4 feet by 2100.

Climate change poses a fundamental threat to the places, species and people’s livelihoods. To adequately address this crisis we must urgently reduce carbon pollution and prepare for the consequences of global warming, which we are already experiencing.

  • We need advance policies to fight climate change.
  • Industrialized countries should reduce carbon emissions.
  • We should help people and nature adapt to a changing climate.