Inspirational GIFS……….

Inspiration is everywhere around us. This inspiration is something which drives us to improve. We always seek inspiration from others. We look for inspiration in movies, books, articles, or quotes. Here I got inspiration from some GIFs .

For example, when you spend few minutes to see some inspirational video, make sure you compensate for that by putting in hours of great work. Seeing an inspirational work assures us that we, too, can achieve greatness.

It’s easy to fall into this temptation and seek inspiration all the time, and not take any real action.

Intense hard work along with great skills shall help you win one success after another. For me creative work, or inspirational speech work a lot.

People may be willing to express their needs but they don’t usually verbalize what they truly value. It’s the web creative  activities  to learn about the needs and use them to realize the values. These Human Values are transformed into the  web/digital Values with which the design is guided. This is so much inspiring for me that I learn from Digital story telling class.


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