Unbelievable Things Around the World that are Hard to Believe…..

some of the most amazing designs I could find on the web that mimic nature closely: man-made, but  defined by their allegiance to nature. Yes, these buildings are not natural, but they assimilate it. Balcony forests, water distillers and a view that always changes with seasons. Agora Tower in Taiwan is one of the beautiful building in the world.

Many places in the world but we don’t know about most beautiful places like as Fields of Tea in China, so amazing place, everywhere you can see many tea area.

There’s no where else in the world that is covered in bright pink, other than this park. The wonder of nature of pink moss. although there is few color of it but the pink rules the hills. a spectacular view.

We are always hearing stories of dogs doing amazing things for their owners. But here is different, dog try to save fish’s life. I don’t know what do you feel this GIF dog clip. Most of the cases dog is faithful animal for his owner. In this regard, there aren’t any relation between them. So, how does he learn? Answer probably is unknown.  We should learn from nature, animal, and the incidences that are happening around us.

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